GC LUBE SYN Series are synthetic compressoroils manufactured from diester synthetic base oilsblended with the latest technology selective additives.This lubricating oils is very suitable for compressorwith medium until high load operation.

GC LUBE SYN Series are mainly designed forcompressor engines for application in which mineral oils utilization provides very poor performance.This lubricating oils is especially formulated forcompressors that require thermal stability and highoxidation as well as prevent wear and corrosion.


Having low torsion at start up so that it canprevent wear forming.
Longer oils application and able to prolongbearing and gear compressor lifetime so that themaintenance cost will be reduced.
Effectively protect compressor parts from rust andcorrosion.
Having excellent demulsibility which fastlyseparates water.
Having outstanding thermal stability so that this oilcan be applied in high temperature operation.
Reducing fire risk, explosion and increasingcompressor efficiency.
Insoluble at gas process such as hydrocarbon,hydrogen and other gases.


GC LUBE SYN Series can be applied for the mostleading compressor in the world such as Atlas Copco,Ingersol Rand, Kaeser, Gardner Denver, Sullair. Thisoils is also applicable for crankcase and cylinderlubrication at compressor reciprocating.

GC LUBE SYN Series are also suitable for rotaryand centrifugal compressors.GC LUBE SYN Series are compatible with sealmade from Fluorocarbon, Fluorosilicon, PTFE,Polysulfide, Polyurethanne, Acrylonitrile, Butadine.
GC LUBE SYN Series are not recommendedfor compressor using seal from natural Rubber,Polyisoprene, Isobutylene, Isoprene Buna-N, EPDM,EPM, SBR, Polyacrylate, Silicone.


GC LUBE M Series are compressor oil thatsspecifically formulated from highly refined paraffinicbase oils and leading-edge technology additivesfor the lubrication of rotary and reciprocating aircompressors. The uniquely formulated compressor oilprovides enhanced thermal and oxidative stability tomake possible trouble free operation with minimummalfunctions.

GC LUBE M Series meet the performancerequirements of DIN 51506 VDL air compressorlubricant standards.


Having excellent thermal and oxidative stabilityto resist oil degradation and thickening for longeroil service life.
Low sludge forming tendencies to reducemaintenance costs.
Strong anti-wear and corrosion protection toprolong equipment life.
Excellent air and water separation for moreefficient compressor operations.


GC LUBE M 32, 46 & 68 are developed forrotary vane and screw compressors. Where as GC LUBE M 68, 100, &150 are effective for reciprocating compressors as well as some typeof rotary compressors.Screw (helical lobe) CompressorsHelical lobe screw compressor consists of two rotorsmounted in a housing. When the rotors rotate theycompress air between helical lobes. They are mostlyof the “flood-lubricated” type and do not utilizetiming gear, ISO VG 32, 46, or 68 is the standardrecommended viscosity. Oil free (dry type) screw compressors usually utilize timing gear; both thegear and bearings are lubricated and refer to themanufacturers’ recommendations for appropriate viscosity.
Sliding Vane Compressors
Sliding vane compressor utilizes centrifugal force ofa rotating vane mounted eccentrically in a cylinder.
Sliding vane compressors are commonly flood orinjection lubricated and usually require an ISO VG
46, 68 or 100 grade. Sparse or “once-through”lubricated types require a heavier grade such as
ISO VG 68 or 100.

PERTAMINA FG-GO Series are high performancefood grade industrial gear oils formulated from fullysynthetic water soluble polyalkylene glycol basestocks and food approved additive packagesmeeting United States Food and DrugAdministration (US FDA) regulations as set forth in21 CFR, section 178.3570 (lubricants withincidental food contact)

 are have beenregistered in NSF White Book Listing ofNonfood Compounds as H1-Lubricants (oil withincidental food contact). It’s also meets DIN51517 Part 3, David Brown Type G, Flender BA T7300 A+B.


  • Better micropitting forming prevention thangeneral industrial gear oilHigh Viscosity Index (VI) to provide wideoperating range temperature
  • High thermal stability
  • High wear reduction rates
  • Provide high load carrying ability (FZG loadstage > 12)
  • Excellent corrosion protection

MASRI SUPER FLG Series is premium industrialgear oils which give good protection againstmicropitting than conventional gear oils.This oils is characterized with extreme pressure, antirust, better oxidation stability as well as low foamingtendency/filterability.

MASRI SUPER FLG Series have been designedto meet the following specifications Flender Revision
13 (approved), AIST 224, AGMA 9005-E02 (EP) and DIN 51517 Part 3.


Better micropitting protection.
High thermal stability.
Better oxidation stability.
Prevent foam forming.
Prevent component engine corrosion.

MASRI SUPER FLG SERIES is recommended forFlender gear lubrication or other application thatis needed to protect againts micropitting

PERTAMINA FG-HO 46 is a high performance foodgrade hydraulic oil (H1 type) formulated from fullysynthetic water glycol base stocks and foodapproved additive packages meeting United StatesFood and Drug Administration (US FDA)regulations as set forth in 21 CFR, section178.3570 (lubricants with incidental food contact).

PERTAMINA FG-HO 46 has been registered in NSFWhite Book Listing of Nonfood Compounds as H1-
lubricants (oil with incidental food contact). Pertamina FG-HO 46 also as certified as FM approved for fire resistanceaccording to FM approvals standard 6930.

• Provide maximum safety for the application in foodindustry
• Provide excellent lubricity
• Provide excellent corrosion protection
• Compatible with most seal and hose materials

PERTAMINA FG-HO 46 is recommended for general hydraulic equipment, in food, beverages or related product andpharmaceutical industries which requires incidental foodcontact oil (H1) and or conform to US FDA regulations. It’salso recommended to be used as fire resistance hydraulicfluid in application where involving high temperaturesurfaces and open flames.

TURALIK Series are industrial hydraulic oilformulated from high quality, High Viscosity Index(HVI) mineral base oil which contains performanceadditive in order to provide excellent wear control, foaming prevention, rust and corrosion protection

 meet industrial hydraulicequipment requirement or specification such asDIN 51524 Part 2, Fives Cincinnati P-68(approved for Turalik 43), P-69 (approvedfor Turalik 52) and P-70 (approved forTuralik 48), Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2(approved for Turalik 43, 48, 52) and VickersI-286S and M-2950-S (approved for Turalik 43).

are recommended for generalhydraulic equipment also for circulating or oil bathslubrication systems. They should not be used withsilver plated components.

TURBOLUBE Series are high performance qualityturbine oil formulated from highly refined base oilsand premium rust and oxidation inhibitor package.

 meet the requirements of MAGCincinnati Machine P-38, P-55, P-54 and P-57GEK-32568F, Solar Turbines ES9-224, U.S. MilitaryMIL-H-17672D, DIN 51524 Part I, HagglundDenison HF-1 and HF-0.
TURBOLUBE 32 and TURBOLUBE 46 has beenapproved by Siemens (TLV 901304) and Fuji Electricfor ISO VG 32.

exhibits superior oxidativeand thermal stability, leading to prolonged servicelife without the formation of harmful sludges underhigh temperature operating conditions.
TURBOLUBE Series offers superior protectionagainst the rusting and corrosion of metalsurfaces.
TURBOLUBE Series provides trouble-freeoperation through the excellent water separabilityproperties of the highly refined base oils and speciallyselected inhibitor system to ensure rapid settling of
water accumulated from steam condensate. Theantifoam allows for quick release of entrained air
and minimizes foam formation thereby enablingsensitive hydraulic control equipment to be operated

TURBOLUBE Series are a premium quality rust andoxidation inhibited formulation that has multipurpose
capability for a wide range of industrial applicationsfor which this type of product is recommended.
This feature enables lubricant inventories to berationalized, thereby reducing the possibility of using
the wrong lubricant for a given application.
TURBOLUBE Series are recommended as thelubricant for steam and water turbines and many gas
turbines which require superior mineral lubricant.
TURBOLUBE Series also be recommended for use in machine tools, vacuum pumps, air compressors,
hydraulic systems, bearings (plain andantifriction), etc. that require antiwear properties.

TURBOLUBE XT Series are premium EP typeturbine oil having excellent thermal and oxidationstability, formulated with hydrocracked base oiland selected additives that suitable for many typeof turbines.

s meet the following majorworldwide OEM turbine specification such as :
– GEK 32568 C, GEK 32568F,
– GEK 101941A, GEK 107395A,
– GEK 28143A, GEK 46506D
– DIN 51524 Part 1 (HL)
– DIN 51515 Part 1 (L-TD)
– DIN 51515 Part 2 (L-TG)
– BS 489 (CIGRE)
– MIL-L 17672D, MIL-L-17331-G, MIL 17331-B
– US Steel 120, 126
– MAG Cincinati Machine P-38, P-45, P-54, P-55
– ABB-Stal VTI 3200-3, 81 21 08
– AFNOR E-48600 HL
– SOLAR ES9-224 U
– ASTM D 4304, Type II (EP)
– Westinghouse 21T0591 and 55125Z3
– CEGB Standard 207001

TURBOLUBE XT 32 & 46 Has been approved by Alstom


  • Having excellent thermal and oxidation stability,effective in preventing sludge and varnish buildup at turbine parts and longer drain interval.
  • Having excellent demulsibility that can separatewater fastly without emulsified and also fortifiedwith anti rust and corrosion additives which isvery effective to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Having very good air release characteristic thatcan release entrained air immediately.
  • Very good antiwear / EP that can prevent wearand extend turbine parts life time.

 recommended for usingin many types of turbines and turbine systems suchas in bearing, in hydraulic systems also in gearboxturbine system for :
– Combined Cycle Turbine system
– Large heavy duty and smaller gas turbin
– Steam turbine
– Heavy duty gear turbine

STEELO B Series are high quality lubricantsthat give excellent lubrication to plain bearing incirculating system that specially design havingexcellent water separation although the bearingcontact with excessive water but it’s still have fullfluid film

 meet the specification of MorganWorcesteroil Lubricant, DIN 51524 Part 2 (hydraulic
oil) and DIN 51506 VDL (air compressor oil)


  • Excellent demulsibility or water separabilitythat immediately separate the water and othercontaminants.
  • Excellent air release properties and preventexcessive foaming.
  • High oxidation stability and prevent sludgeformation on system.
  • Optimum protection from rust and corrosionformation.

 are highly recomended for usein rolling mill application such as back-up bearing
and Morgoil bearing system having single & doubletank lubrication system.
STEELO B Series are also suitable for thecirculation system that contaminated with the excess
of water in circulating system.

SEBANA P Series are premium quality straightmineral oil of the non-additive type. These oil havemoderate to high viscosity index to provide goodlubricity in wide range temperature
This oil is recommended for circulating and otherenclosed oil systems such as bearing and gearsystem where the operating conditions are not severeenough

MEDRIPAL Series are high performance minerallubricating oils which have a good stability against oxidation and tenden cy of deposit formation andeasily separa ted from water.
MEDRIPAL Series are formulated from paraffinicbase oils and therefore have a high viscosity index,which means these oils provide stable viscosityagainst changes in temperature.

MEDRIPAL Series are particularly recommendedfor bearing lubrication of crosshead diesel engines,certain trunk piston type of diesel engines of oldmodel, air compressors up to 100°C dischargetemperature, and for general lubrication (bearings).These oils are not recommended for lubrication ofrefrigerator compressors.

GANDAR 800 is primarily designed for thelubrication of railway coach/lorry axles which arenot requiring high performance lubricating oil.
GANDAR 800 is also recommended for low tomedium speed plain bearings.

is recommended for total losssystem/once through lubrication and not intendedfor circulation system.

SILINAP Series are formulated from high qualityparaffinic mineral oil, which are designed for steamengine cylinder lubrication. Its have good watercondensate separation properties

 are recommended for lubricationof low speed steam cylinder and enclosed gearboxeswhere extreme pressure properties are notrequired

SILINAP 160 M is recommended for steam enginecylinder lubrication at operating temperaturesbetween 170oC to 260oC, SILINAP 220 M is atopera ting temperatures between 260oC to 344oCand SILINAP 280 M is at operating temperatures

REFRO PE SERIES are synthetic refrigerator oilformulated from synthetic esters (polyol ester) fluidsthat were especially develop for use with R 134a andenvironmentally friendly flourinated hydrocarbons(HFC) refrigerants


  • Excellent lubrication properties even at hightemperature
  • Very high thermal and chemical stability with HFCrefrigerants
  • Excellent cold temperature flowability
  • Excellent solubility with HFC refrigerants
  • Good compatibility with elastomers

 are suitable for all refrigerationsystem such as : industrial refrigeration, food storage,mobile & stationary refrigeration with refrigerantsuch as R 134A, R 23, R 404A, 407C, R 507 andother blends of HFC refrigerants.

REFRO PE SERIES are recommended for use inhermetic, semi hermetic, open piston, screw type andturbo compresso

KOMPEN Series are formulated from highquality mineral base oil which has very good lowtemperature characteristics.

 are designed primarily for thelubrication of refrigerator compressors, mainly theopen and semi sealed type operating at moderateevaporator tempe ratures and thermal loads. Alsosuitable for other low temperature applications where mineral oil is recommended.
KOMPEN Series are recommended to be used incompressor with ammonia, CO2, methylene chloride or CFC as the refrigerant, but these oils are notsuitable to be used in a system with Hydro FluoroCarbon (HFC) refrigerant, such as R134A

TERMO Series are high quality heat transfer oilformulated from high quality base oil and additive

TERMO 32 has the relatively low viscosity so ithas good temperature characteristic versus viscosity,thermal conductivity and eat capacity

TERMO 150 has higher viscosity suitable for higheroperation temperature.


  • Good oxidation and thermal stability that extendthe oil drain interval.
  • Provide better protection against corrosion,deposit, and sludge to produce optimum systemperformance.
  • Exhibit good heat transfer ability.

TERMO Series are recommended for enclosedheat transfer system that requires mineral oil, withoperating temperature up to 300oC.
TERMO Series are applicable for use in openheat transfer system where operation temperaturemaximum 180oC.