Kami menawarkan reciprocating, rotary screw dan kompresor udara sentrifugal sebagai pelumas atau mesin bebas minyak, pendingin, pengering, membran dan panas kompresi pengering udara, filter saluran udara, dan sistem distribusi udara. Kami juga menawarkan audit sistem udara pabrik dan banyak produk dan layanan udara terkompresi lainnya.

Penawaran produk kami meliputi: Kompresor bebas minyak, kompresor yang dilumasi oli, kompresor sentrifugal, kompresor bertekanan tinggi, Blower, Nitrogen dan, generator oksigen, serta pompa vakum.

Oil Free Air Compressors

LZ premium oil-free compressor

A zero-compromise oil-free air solution, and one of the most complete oil-free piston compressors on the market today

  • different power options: 7- 10 hp
  • pressure levels: 4 – 10 bar
  • electric potential options: 230 / 400 / 460V

LFx compact oil-free piston compressors

The LFx compact oil-free piston industrial compressor range offers small-capacity piston compressors for reliable and oil-free solutions. Ideal for your low air demands

LFx Powerbox

The Powerbox is a complete replacement package for receiver mounted units or for customized OEM applications. The Powerbox has noise level between 62-64 dB(A) which is quite low

LFx Trolley

As the name suggests, the LFx Trolley comes with wheels for easy transportation. LFx Trolley includes the Powerbox mounted on a 20 I internally epoxy coated air receiver for the purpose of storing oil-free clean air. Some of the features that come with the LFx Trolley include
• the standard pressure switch for start/stop regulation
• safety valve
• pressure regulator
• pressure gauge
• 3m cable

LFx Tank Mounted

LFx Tank Mounted is the Powerbox mounted on a 50 or 90 I internally epoxy-coated air receiver to store oil-free clean air. With the LFx Tank Mounted come
• standard pressure switch for start/stop regulation
• safety valve
• pressure regulator
• pressure gauge
• 3m cable


Automan oil-free piston compressors


Automan AH oil-free piston compressors (0.75-1.5 kW)

Our range of Automan AH piston compressors offers a compact, mobile and reliable source of compressed air when a smaller amount of compressed air is needed


Designed for a variety of applications, our AH series is the ideal choice when light weight, high mobility and smaller amounts of compressed air is sufficient.

LF industrial oil-free aluminum piston compressors


Atlas Copco’s LF oil-free aluminum piston air compressors are reliable and require low operational costs. The LF compressors are 100% oil-free and deliver the lowest operating temperatures in the industry while offering high quality air



The oil free option

Atlas Copco’s innovative oil-free aluminum LF compressor is designed to provide the best possible quality air cost-effectively. As contamination in your air supply can cause decline in performance, an increase of maintenance cost and productivity loss. The LF, on the other hand, satisfies the conditions where oil cannot be tolerated.

Certified 100% oil-free air

LF compressors provide 100% pure, clean air that complies with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification. CLASS 0 refers to zero risks of contamination, damages or unsafe products, losses from operational downtime, and zero risk of damaging your company’s professional reputation.

LF oil-free working pressure

The LF single-stage oil-free reciprocating compressors are designed to operate with maximum working pressure of 10 bar (145 psi) and capacities from 3.1 to 15.5 l/s at 50Hz, 7.6 to 38.6 cfm at 60Hz.

SF and SF+ oil-free scroll compressors


Atlas Copco’s SF and SF+ oil-free scroll compressors deliver absolutely pure oil-free air with supreme energy efficiency. SF+ for advanced control



Keep your critical applications safe

Atlas Copco’s SF and SF+ oil-free scroll compressors provide pure, oil-free air for critical applications such as:
• R&D laboratories
• hospitals
• universities
• dentist offices
• food & beverage production environments

AQ water-injected oil-free screw compressors


The AQ water-injected screw compressors meet your need for pure oil-free air. They deliver best in class energy efficiency for applications that demand reliability and purity



100% safe, high quality air

Enjoy lower operating and maintenance costs with an ISO-8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certified compressor. The AQ eliminates the risk of contamination with 100% oil-free air for applications that require the highest levels of purity like
– medical
– pharmaceutical production
– food production
– critical electronics

The water-injected screw compressors, water-cooled or air-cooled, meet your needs for quality air with high-pressure capability and energy efficiency.

Adaptable to your specifications

The Elektronikon® controller can be adapted to your specific needs with extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, Internet and SMS communication functions. Optimize the operation of your complete compressor room by using the ES multiple compressor controller.

Rotary screw and rotary tooth oil-free air compressors ZR & ZT (VSD)


ZR and ZT oil-free compressors up close

With our global installed base, we can make 60 years of innovation and experience in oil-less air technology for you. No matter the conditions, our ZR and ZT produce 100% oil-free air that protects all your critical processes and products. The difference? The ZR is water-cooled, the ZT is air-cooled. With pressure levels ranging from 3.5 up to 13 bar, we maximize your energy savings with a choice of rotary tooth or screw technologies.

Full Feature compressor

A compact, all-in-one quality air solution

ZR and ZT rotary screw and tooth oil-free air compressors are available as Full Feature package with:

  • integrated dryer for reduced installation space
  • variable speed drive (VSD) to minimize your energy costs.

Low pressure oil-free screw compressors ZE & ZA ( VSD)


ZE&ZA (VSD): high-performance low pressure oil-free air compressors

ZE/ZA fixed and variable speed drive (VSD) low-pressure oil-fee air compressors: high quality performers with a robust design.



ZE&ZA (VSD): high quality for low pressure air systems

Especially in dusty and humid environments, you need a reliable, high-quality air source. The ZE/ZA (VSD) low-pressure oil-free air compressors are developed to help you optimize your production process in different applications such as:

  • pneumatic conveying
  • fermentation
  • glass blowing
  • flotation cells

High pressure oil-free reciprocating piston compressors P


High pressure oil-free air you can rely on

Designed for continuous reliable and safe operation at low cost, our oil-free reciprocating piston P-compressors are configured with 3 and 4 compression stages in a compact design.



24 hours reliable operation

P-compressors are built to operate round the clock for all your oil-free high pressure applications. Thanks to 3 and 4 compression stages (with pressure ratios up to 42 bar(e) ), they perform in the most stringent environments.

The elimination of most friction load, anti-vibration mounts, excellent cooling and low inter-stage temperatures increase the lifetime of the machines and make them your reliable source of oil-free high pressure air.
ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified means no oil contamination will effect your end product.

The compressors are delivered on a single skid for easy and safe maintenance. Thanks to the Elektronikon® control unit, you can tailor the air pressure to your specific needs, reducing energy costs and increasing your overall operating efficiency.

Reciprocating piston compressors HX&HN-15



HX&HN-15: reliable and safe operation

Designed for continuous reliable and safe operation at low cost, our oil-free HX/HN-15 product range is configured with 2 compression stages in a compact design.



HX&HN-15: the right reliable choice

The Atlas Copco HX/HN-15 are water-cooled horizontal balanced reciprocating compressors with 2 compression stages up to 160 kW. The compressors come as complete units, skid mounted and completely wired. HX/HN-15 deliver 100% oil-free air for high pressure applications – between 10 and 15 bars maximum. The quality of air is perfectly adapted to critical applications claiming oil-free air such as:

  • food and Beverage
  • electronics
  • laboratories
  • power industries

Energy efficient, these reliable machines provide a steady supply of compressed air 24h a day, with limited maintenance costs keeping life cycle costs to a minimum.

Oil-lubricated Air Compressors

Automan oil-lubricated piston compressors


Automan AF/AC oil-lubricated piston compressors (1.5-8.1 kW)

Our range of Automan AF/AC piston compressors offers a compact, versatile and reliable source of compressed air when you need a small amount of compressed air for a variety of applications



AF High grade aluminum piston compressors

Our range of AF aluminum piston compressors are all designed for mobility and ease of use. The compressor block is manufactured from high-grade aluminum alloy – the same material used in high-performance car engines. This ensures exceptional heat transfer capabilities and high tensile strength.

AC Belt drive Piston compressors

Designed with a slow-running compressor block for long service life, our AC belt drive cast iron piston compressors provides a solid source of compressed air with a high durability. We also provide aftercoolers and an automotive dry paper type air cleaner on the larger models, providing clean air for your needs.


oil-lubricated aluminum piston compressors


Looking for a durable, high-performance compressed air solution for your specific industrial application? Then our LE LT oil-lubricated aluminum piston compressors are designed for you

LE oil-lubricated for single-stage compression

The single-stage oil-lubricated reciprocating compressor allows filtered air to enter both cylinders through the inlet valve. The piston is driven forward through the connection rod attached to the balanced crankshaft. Maximum operating pressure is 10 bar (145psi) and capacities range from 3.4 up to 31.7 l/s at 50 Hz, 8.3 to 79.8 cfm at 60 Hz. Air compressed in the cylinders leaves through the outlet valve when the pressure reaches 10 bar (145psi).

LT oil-lubricated for two-stage compression

The LT two-stage oil-lubricated reciprocating compressor allows filtered air to enter only one cylinder. This low pressure cylinder feeds the second (high pressure) cylinder that can operate at a maximum pressure of 15, 20 or 30 bar (218, 290 or 435 psi) and with the following capacities:
• 15 bar (218 psi)
from 3.1 to 11.7 l/s at 50 Hz, 7.6 to 23.1 cfm at 60 Hz.
• 20 bar (290 psi)
from 2.1 to 18.0 l/s at 50 Hz, 5.7 to 44.3 cfm at 60 Hz.
• 30 bar (435 psi)
from 2.5 to 17 l/s at 50 Hz, 6.6 to 41.7 cfm at 60 Hz.


LS & LP cast iron piston compressors


Durable two-stage cast iron piston compressors. Combine reliability and maximum productivity for demanding industrial, automotive and commercial applications. Easy to maintain, flexible, energy-efficient



Easy maintenance

Every Atlas Copco LS and LP is a product of designed excellence with 2-piece connecting rods and oil pressure gauge. The LS and LP are ideal for industrial, automotive and commercial applications requiring up to 175 PSIG. With cast iron construction and industrial class bearings our LS & LP compressors guarantee longevity and durability even during the most demanding environments.

LS cast iron compressor in detail

Our LS is designed with a stainless steel valve design which brings the highest volumetric efficiency on the market. The one-piece aluminum head ensures heat dissipation for high performance.

LP cast iron compressor in detail

The LP high pressure compressor delivers top performance thanks to its industrial class bearings and oversized oil reservoir for low oil temperatures.

Oil-lubricated screw compressor G (VSD) & GX


Our G and GX oil-injected rotary screw compressors are designed for reliability and efficiency. Will operate continuously in the harshest environments, avoiding costly downtime and production delays


Robust and compact screw compressors

Our oil-injected rotary screw G/GX compressors are powerful and reliable industrial screw compressors. Built from high-quality components and materials, they provide a reliable source of high-quality air in temperatures up to 46°C / 115°F. The compressors are compact, flexible and available in various versions depending on size:

  • floor mounted
  • tank mounted
  • with or without integrated dryer

Oil-lubricated screw compressors GA (VSD⁺)


GA & GA⁺ (5-500 kW)
GA VSD (37 -315 kW)
GA VSD⁺ (7-75 kW)

Our market-leading GA oil-injected rotary screw compressor delivers outstanding performance, high productivity and low cost of ownership – even in the harshest environments.



Matching your specific requirements

Our GA oil-injected screw compressors bring industry-leading performance, flexible operation and high productivity, reduced enargy costs at a minimal cost of ownership. A wide range of compressors enables you to find the air solution that perfectly matches your specific requirements. Built to perform in even the harshest environments, an Atlas Copco GA keeps your production running efficiently.

Exceptional energy savings

Atlas Copco’s VSD⁺ technology closely follows the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed to match the compressed air supply to the demand. Combined with the innovative patented iPM (interior Permanent Magnet) motor (IE4), the GA VSD⁺ achieves average energy savings of 50%. This reduces the total lifecycle costs of the compressor up to 37% on average.

On top of energy savings up to 50% , the GA VSD⁺ realizes a Free Air Delivery (FAD) increase of up to 12% for improved efficiency and performance.